1. Can I get a quote?
Yes, in person only. Call for a free consultation or see General Price Information below.
2. Can I get the exact quote over either e-mail or phone?
It is impossible to estimate an exact price of a custom piece without a personal consultation. Call for a free consultation.
3. How can I set up an appointment for a tattoo?
Must come by in person.  A $60 deposit is required. Pay by cash or major credit cards. Please call for details.
4. Can I set up a tattoo appointment over e-mail?
Yes, a  $60 deposit via Pay Pal is required. Please call for details.
5. Can I set up an appointment for a free consultation over the phone?
YES, feel free to call for a free consultation and leave your name and phone number so I will be able to confirm the meeting by calling you back.
6. Can I set up a tattoo appointment over the phone?
Sorry but no tattoo appointments are taken over the phone. Unless you pay a deposit. See question 3.
7. Can I cancel and reschedule a tattoo appointment?
YES, but the deposit is not refundable if the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to scheduled time.
8. Can I get a tattoo done under 18 or without an ID?
Absolutely NOT. You must be over 18 years and provide a valid photo ID.
General Price Information
Shop minimum is $60.
Large, more than one session required tattoos rated $120/hour. Minimum time is 3 hours per session.


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