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Biker skull tattoo with a helmet on

This biker tattoo is a cover up of a crappy joker face, what I turned to be a  skull with a helmet on looks like painted metal-flake . I added a lots of colors to make it as solid as possible, and of course it  was done by FREEHAND. This is only a part of a full-sleeve tattoo. Metal flake rules!

More pictures coming soon on my website’s Gallery!

OC  Tattoo Gabe



Biker cover up skull tattoo with a helmet on

Biker cover up skull tattoo with a helmet on






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My name is Tattoo Gabe. I have been tattooing all over the world since 1992. After a dozen of years and being on the road, as well as  tattooing in different countries from Europe to the USA in 2005, I have settled down in beautiful Southern California.

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